The Rally Route

The first day we will be travelling from Calais to Annecy, France, which is home to the stunningly beautiful Lake Annecy. This day is a long drive of 525 miles but will not include some of the stunning alpine roads we will venture on in the days following, you will be rewarded with some of the most awesome views of the Alps to be had!

The next day is a shorter run of 279 miles to Freiburg, Germany, taking us through the French alps where the Hamster will be tested on some of Europes most awesome mountain roads and scenery, Switzerlands stunning countryside and Naturpark Südschwarzwald (Southern Black Forest) in Germany for some more outrageously good roads. Freiburg is a laid back university city which will be ideal for us to kick back over a good German beer and get fully relaxed for the next day...

Day 3 is the day we visit...... THE NÜRBURGRING!!!223 miles takes us to this 13 mile public toll road come race track which has no speed limits, nicknamed 'The Green Hell' by racing legend Jackie Stewart, it will no doubt be a true test of our bangers!

Following 'The Nürburgring' we will finish the day chilling out around the rings many pubs and resturants and get our heads down before

the final days drive of 206 miles to Amsterdam for the final night of the Rally, which can only mean one thing... Prizes and Partying!!!

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